Great text! thank you. I will share this

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Thank you for this information.

I want to add that soil destruction is the other thing we must combat. As Allan Savory express in his book Holistic Management: <<Each year, the earth loses seventy-five billion tons of soil to erosion, mostly from agricultural land. That's more than ten tons per human alive, or twenty times as much eroding soil as food requered per human each year.>> Soil is where all that CO2 comes from (petrol was soil many millions years ago) and the only safe place where it should return. Many address their attention to forest, but actually 2/3 of Earth are grasslands. Maybe this kind of funds from Global Climate Compensation would be address to stop soil degradation but applying an Holistic Management.

I left here the link for anyone who wants to know more about: https://savory.global/what-is-holistic-management/


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This is a crystal clear demonstration of why climate is an emergency, Henrik!

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