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Dr. Nordborg, hope you are doing well, I recently discovered your account thanks to Rachel, is good to see there are scientists on the platform. You should also invite Nate Hagens to your university, he is really good and also asking the right questions on our predicament in his podcast.

By the way, I had two questions on this topic. Recently I watched Nate Hagens podcast with the astrophysicist Dr. Thomas Murphy(and he has a really good scientific background) explaining why thermodinamically infinite growth is impossible,(and space travel to) then stumbled with his blog Do The Math and his book Energy and Planetary Ambitions on a Finite Planet. I know this is likely true, I'm not an expert in physics, neither have the authority to state such an argument, but just wanted to confirm this.

My university is extremely in favor of green growth so I was compiling a series of papers and arguments in order to debunk them.

(I'm studying economics but of course, I'm aiming for ecological economics and a degrowth related field, which I realize I'll need to complement it with a science degree).

My second question is related with the so-called circular economy. My university hosted an event with businesses on "circular economy" and they sell it as a game changer. I've always been really skeptical on that, and a book made me really suspicious. It's called The Impossibilities of a Circular Economy, and mainly talks about the thermodynamical constraints of recycling, C2C, supply chains, and what it was most shocking to me, was that recycling was conceived as a measure of last resort. Wanted to confirm this as well. Thanks

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